Relationship Issues..

this weekend has been a mess. so, me and my girlfriend we driving around yesterday just to drive. and we were talking about something i honestly dont remember, but an argument struck somehow and we were going back and forth. she ended up telling me to pull over so i did and she got out. then after like 5 minutes i drove around and found her again and told her to come back in so i could bring her home. she said no and called me a jerk, so whatever i was like fine. and i left again. i'm driving around and my phone rung and i thought it was my girlfriend so i said " nah if you're gonna be a ***** i'm not going to pick you up again, you can walk to your ******* house." and turns out it was my mom. so yeah that was awkward and my mom ended up taking me phone when i got home so that made today suck too because i couldn't really talk to anyone. (i went out just not via text lol) and anyway back to saturday; i seen my girlfriend AGAIN sitting at a bench so i dont know i felt bad so i got out and i got her to come back in my car and i told her i'd drive her home again and she just said ok and got in. so we were driving and like 2 blocks down i told her what i said to my mom by accident thinking it was her and that i'd probably not have my phone tomorrow(today) and she said "good. i hope she takes your ******* phone *******." so i said "atleast i have a mother to take my phone" (her mom left her when she was around 13; she's 17 now.) (btw i know that was fuckedupp right away i was like ..damn whyd i say that.) and she just looked at me and nodded her head side to side and looked down. so i got her home and yeah, so then i called her with my house phone last night after i got home and she answered and she had that voice as if she was crying and i apologized to her and **** and i honestly do feel really bad because i know how hurt she was when her mom left and stuff, but she just didn't accept it. so today i went to her house around 3 and when i knocked on her door, she answered and then slammed it in my face. i wrote her a letter which i dont remember what it said but i was just explaining that i loved her and stuff. which i really do, i mean we've been together for 2 years. but now shes not talking to me. i drive her home from school everyday so maybe ill see what happens :/ i talked to her friend and she told me that casey (my gf) told her about what happened and that she called me a douchebag which i'll admit i was but i mean its not THAT serious, i just don't want her to break up with me now. :/ what should i do? :(
Imanonymousxx Imanonymousxx
May 20, 2012