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Well I've never joined a blog before however it looks pretty interesting especially when many times you think think someone could be going through a situation like yours. I have been in a relationship for almost 7 years of course on and off. It has always been a rocky relationship and my b-f has always been a confused and afraid of commitment. so within one of those times of his confusion trips about mre than a year ago i meet this great guy. He is mature steady and a gentlemen. He always worries about my needs and how I'm doing and feeling. He loves to go out he is very social and fun. My b-f is not he doesnt really like to go out, hardly ever has money because he has to help support his family (mom,dad,brothers) and so I dont feel secure with him, but its been too long to much time into it. I was also pregnant had a miscarriage 2months ago. so this other guy was also engaged not so long ago and didnt work out because it was long distance but he waited for me before alot. Now hes back and I know he really likes me in a real way. My b-f has also changed in a positive way and its getting serious but i have this undefined feelings and this other guy came back to shake my world around. I dont know what to do if I let go of someone who I've been with and i know already or someone else. Maybe I was just young and thought I was in love with my b-f but was just in love with love. Maybe this guy could give me better hes shown me he cares and I think about him alot. I just dont feel i'll have much with my b-f and it matters but maybe I'm just confused and do love my bf. Someone help I dont want to make a decision i'm going to regret 

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If you seen positive change in your current boyfriend maybe you should wait a bit? You should always stay loyal to your relationship unless he does something to break it. If this is just a random spark with another guy then it will always happen but at the end of the day you will know that your current boyfriend really loves you and that anything else is really infatuation.

Sounds to me like you're previous boyfriend is just continuing the cycle of his fear of commitment. Will you leave this great new guy only for your boyfriend to leave you again when that fear comes racing back in? And then, will you have lost your chance at an amazing guy? Sounds like it may be worth a shot with this new guy. By the sounds of it, your boyfriend will most likely always be there to come back to. But by the time you realize that, you will most likely be in the throes of a wonderful relationship you were glad you didn't throw away for a loser just because he was familiar.

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