Caught In Between Him and His Mama

I have a beautiful relationship with my man of a 1 year and a half. I am very much in love with him and everything is going great. We have a son on the way, that's due on new year's day. See, the thing is, it's his mama. See, she's really sweet, caring, and has never shown me a hostile side ever. But, it's like we're both competing for my man's time. I almost feels like sometimes she's an ex instead of his mom.She always wants to know where he is, she interrupts lunch dates, and she has him run errands that put off our plans. It's really starting to get annoying. I mean, he loves his mom, because his father wasn't in his life and she raised him alone. But, god, sometimes i wonder what's really up because they're too close, almost to the point where i feel like im a third wheel and VERY uncomfortable. Also, his mother doesn't have a man, and hasn't had one in a while, and ever since she hasn't had one, she's been VERY much involved in our relationship. please help!?!?!

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3 Responses Aug 25, 2009

You should try to take her out to lunch ,shopping ect. That's my husband mom... He loves her dearly...he loves when we chat and have inside jokes and stuff. Support your man In this and I can tell you from expierience it will not go unnoticed.

Sounds like Mama is treating her adult son as if he is her husband. Mama needs to get out and get some interests other than basing her life solely on her son. That being said, son needs to enforce some boundaries with his mama and if he doesn't he is not going to be a good husband. She will always be in the middle of your relationship and do you want a man who isn't really a man if he can't put mama in her place. Classic case of Mama's Boy

I am man 27 years old.<br />
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I love my mom and my wife both..<br />
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It is always problem for man, bcoz he is in betn you ladies. Dont try to raise problem for your husband.<br />
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Ifhe finds that you have problem bcoz of his mom he will mentaly disturbd.<br />
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