Bad Behavior!!

my boyfriend is almost perfect and we have great time..

sometimes he is the one how seems to love me more and he treats very nice to me..

BUT when we have a fight he becomes incurious and he seems that he doesn't really cares to work it out soon.. he prefers for that day to do things with his best friends than talk and solve the problem..

he says that he want to calm and he is not in the mood to talk right now.. but the day after..

even if I cry at the call he says that he can't do anything right now.

I found it cruel and I want help!!!


Linaki Linaki
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 22, 2010

my boyfriend has also treated me like this quite a few times, and honestly its not worth it if he cared he would want to work it out, no matter what ...and im a complete hypocrite for saying it, because im with someone exactly like that have to do you!