I Dont Kno.x

Im 14(year 9).. iv bin going out with this 16 year old boy(year 11) for a few months.

Im the type of girl that flirts alot but i cant help it and he knows that. Hes a verry jelouse boy and hates seeing me with other boys.

Befor he gave me soo much attention, he spent more than 15 pounds of just fone credit on me in a week. He was mad about me but now i reeli dont know whats happening. we hardly go out and hes not showing nothing. i kind of feel that hes just obsessed and only ceares about  making sure that no boy is near me, then actualy loveing me.

Hes all i fink about 24/7 and im a verry jelouse girl too but i dont show it, and i hardly trust a boy anymore. He means everything to me and im so scered that soon me and him will break up. i love him.


LatinTraviesa LatinTraviesa
Feb 1, 2009