My Dysfunctional Family: Relatives Who Hate Each Other

I usually don't find there to be a big issue whenever we have family gatherings (whether it's at my house or my aunts house), but lately things have gotten out of control. My family has such a hard time telling each other how they feel that it sometimes it tears us apart.

*Before I continue, Note that My family is small (in the sense that there are about 28 family members still alive and split between NY & MD), so i'd like to keep them together and talking for as long as I can

My Aunt & Cousin have been in an ongoing, full-on fight with my sister & niece. (To be more specific, they can't stand each other. When we hang out, they pretend not to see each other, they talk about each other behind their backs & most importantly, they put both me and my mom in the middle of everything since we seem to be the ties to the very small list of sane people in our family tree) To add to their characters, my niece is paranoid & bipolar, not to mention her mother controls every move she ever makes in life [STRICT] She's 18. My sister is a budding alcoholic who seems to think that my mother wronged her of a childhood, since back then my mother worked all the time and even though we have different fathers, mine is the one she is still married to now. She has a quick temper, thinks she is experienced in everything you've ever been through, and reports every mean slur she can think of to her insanely vague wife who's a super clean freak. My aunt is an older woman learning to ditch her ratchet, lifestyle of fighting everyone who looks at her wrong, stealing silverware/bath soaps from hotels, and partying all night with her motorcycle club. My cousin is a recent openly gay drunk who CURRENTLY lives in the lifestyle of causing trouble and fighting everyone who "tests him", whether they know it or not.

Because my sister has taught at a trade school, she believes she's moved up in the world, to where she can say whatever she wants & belittle everyone into thinking she's above them. No one else admits how it irritates them, but that's only because no one really cares about what she has to say. Except for my aunt and cousin, who both feel it's their unwritten duty to address the situation at hand, knowing they are the worst people to ever evER EVER explain what they have to say in words without shouting, screaming or threatening. And the only problem with that is, THAT IT WASN'T EVEN THE PROBLEM TO BEGIN WITH! ! ! !

Turns out, my aunt and cousin are upset because my niece befriended a person who is my cousin's ex-best friend. But who the hell cares?!? People can have more than one friend nowadays. But they act like befriending someone who a cousin doesn't like breaks some sort of loyalty code and once again, my cousin and aunt have to defend themselves.

My family can be so dumb sometimes. All they do is yell, scream and point fingers. They never want to admit when they're wrong and they hate letting someone else have the last word in an argument. They love to start trouble and use up excuses to borrow money and never pay back. They shoot blows at each other and never even feel remorse about it (and when they do, they never act on it) I think there was this one time when my niece apologized to my aunt for cursing at her and where my aunt accepted the apology and gave her a hug, my cousin used it as ammunition, saying that the only reason why she apologized was because she's wrong. And she's always wrong, so she should always apologize. OF COURSE SHE WAS WRONG! Under no circumstances should you ever curse at an elder relative. That breaks moral code.

Usually, I would't be bothered by this (and I would just leave it alone for them to figure out), but this time...this one time: i cried last night. And i mean, really had a long hard cry about this. I guess it because I think it's a shame that our family isn't the loving kind. I thought that family was the one group of people who even though you got on their nerves, they had to accept who for who you were because we were all we had. I never asked to be apart of a family filled with mental disabilities, snobby exteriors and mushy interiors.But i deal with it because I know that at the end of the day, if i ever needed anything or did anything that they would be there to support me (at least, i hope they were)

I think its stupid and that they should put arguments like this behind us. But things escalate even more when liquor is involved. And oh man, is liquor almost always involved.

*Sorry for ranting guys, but this story seemed to be my only way of venting without feeling like my family has crumbled into pieces. :(

18-21, F
May 18, 2012