Team Tongue Gate

they have a group of people spying on where I am ... when I am on EP and FB and MS etc...

they copy everything I like or click and its got to stop... like they get into every experience I am no and make out my experiences are theirs and they are not

they have no personality of their own at all.... Sue keeps copying me and she seems to think I should be happy with someone as old and ugly as her old fart husband... the vomit germ genetic mishap of huge mistake on this planet.  Sue copies my experiences as if they are hers to get sex from men.

someone has to stop her and tell her to stop this insanity she is doing and to grow up and grow some balls of her own...  she is doing this to get guys I like to like her grand-daughters over me and my sister... we have been trying to find friends and guys and she keeps beating us and playing games stealing men on both me and my sister... someone has got to make her stop ... and lock her away in a nut house ... the woman is insane.

its driving me crazy cuz then they get the attention and guys and I don't

they call me ugly and I am not that ugly I don't deserve an identity of my own.

why would I want her spastic or anyone in her immediate family... they are all rich and they have to understand my sister and I need a life and husbands of our own... my sister is happy with someone at the moment in a marriage.

Sue has to be punished for this she has to be told to stop ... she has been doing this now to me for the last 25 or more years

it goes back to the 70s with Bugsy and I don't want to know those people anymore

I want to make better friends and contacts...... someone has to make sue stop this abuse one me...

otherwise I will end up getting someone to kill her... I will hire someone to murder her or I will kill her with my bare hands myself.

she is a stupid simple little girl who needs to get out of my life.

czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
1 Response May 17, 2012

both her and her husband need to get their dirty little minds out of my pants .... and I am gonna find a guy who will bash them into obedience and stop abusing me.. my guy is gonna kill them!!!! they are dead meat and their days are numbered. and that is a promise.. I am gonna pay someone to kill Sue... to get the menacing dirty dog selfish w hore out of my life forever... that ugly FFFFF face!