Comrade Bulldozer

"Jakey", as he was originally called by the ACC, was put directly on the euthinasia list when he got to the shelter. Why? Well, he's a pure-bred blue nose pit bull for one, and also he had some serious injuries. Fortunately, a good samaritan posted on craigslist about him, and since I was willing to foster him, they pulled him from the list. Since Comrade Bulldozer  (his new name) found a home, both of our lives have gotten exponentially better! What an amazing dog! He is so cuddly and friendly to everyone, and people stop me on the street all the time to tell me how beautiful he is (one blue hunk of man-body). To think that my best friend was almost killed, despite his uber-dog personality! Proof that abused dogs can be, and often are, the most loving, loyal, and lovely companions!
andthelawwon andthelawwon
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3 Responses Oct 24, 2010

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for being there and helping your boy! It makes me feel good to know there are others out there trying to find good homes for these wonderful dogs.

That's what I'm talking about! The Triumph of the Brave! Long live Comrade Bulldozer and his courageous Rescuer!