Many Heartbeats

Over my fifty years, about one hundred dogs have passed through my life. Each one was a unique and wondrous creation. Each one was a personal friend that looked into my eyes and instantly connected with my spirit. Do not confuse me with a hoarder, I take diligent care of the dogs that come my way, as if the creator personally assigned me this most important task. Several of these friends found homes with others who were ready and capable of opening their homes to them on a forever unconditonal basis. Others, have stayed with our family, until the end of their lives. Today, we no longer actively rescue on a regular basis, but, we still have several long livers asleep on the kitchen floor in their cozy beds, or romping through the fenced hillside that joins our back yard. One of our old gals is 23.4 years young, and often still romps and jumps when we come home after being out for a while. At night, several of our oldies are scattered on their quilts in our basement, a few tiny ones are in our bed. I have never known lonliness, there are always buddies gathered around me, perpetually eager to nuzzel my neck or give me a sloppy kiss. I had one elderly fur lady in to our vet this week, after examining the old gal, the vet smiled at me and told me that she wanted to come back as one of my dogs in her next lifetime, I was touched.
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Bless you, smiles and big hugs for your kind words.

I would love to see what you describe so well,and I can understand exactly why you do it.Good bless.

You're welcome ---- we all love you for your humanity and care for those whom are helpless.<br />
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Regards, jim3130

;-) Thank you so much jim

you are so welcome. Thank you so much for your caring, for those who are innocent in their lives, and depend upon us. You are very special -- a very kind and special person.
Regards (and I am in tears as I respond) --- JIM

Thanks you guys, I am so happy that you enjoyed hearing about my best friends.

I would love to comment. This is a heart-felt, touching story that anyone should love.<br />
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God bless you for taking care of our many furry, four-legged friends, who depend upon on us for love and care --- which you obviously have given.<br />
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God will reward you for your kindness to those whom HE gave life to. As you said: "you have never known loneliness" ----- and with your beloved doggies ---- you never will. Their love for us is unconditional. They do not judge us. All they ever look for, in their innocent lives, is love and care.<br />
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And that, you have given --- to the best that you could. God bless ---- I am moved by your post and wish you (all) the best for the rest of your lives on this planet.<br />
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Best regards to you (and yours): jim3130

I cant believe no one has commented on this story .. it sounds wonderful!<br />
I would love to do that also :)