Last Night

My fiance was taking me home after we watched a fireworks display, and there was this tiny dog running around in the middle of the highway, we almost ran over him! But I lured him into the car, took him home, fed him and gave him a bath because because he was all covered with mud and thorns. He's a little too thin, but otherwise fine.

I'll be putting an ad in the Classifieds tomorrow to see if he belongs to anyone. If not, then I'll keep him. He's cute and very sweet!
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that's a great way to look at it :) Something else to consider is getting a hold of the local no kill animal shelter, and asking them what to do. Sometimes they'll put the animals picture up on their website in case someone is looking. Another possibilty is ask them if you brought the dog in and the owner does not pick it up, you let them know that you want it. In the shelter, they'll have a vet check them, nueter/spaid, chipped, and shots. Their fee to adopt after all that is much less than going to a vet yourself. Just a thought :) But, you can always just hold on to it and do what you're doing... takes a very kind and soft person inside. And it looks like you do you have a soft side to you ;-) Have you named the dog yet?

I took him to the vet, and it turned out he was microchipped. I managed to get him back home to a family who had missed him very much. I was a little disappointed I couldn't keep him, but was glad to have given relief to the people who had been really worried about him.

I agree :)

Absolutely, michnat... But, if there's someone out there who lost him and misses him, it's not my place to take him without giving the original owners a fair chance to get their baby back.

Awww, that's sweet. I think he's already found a good home-with you! :)