I Have Rescued A Dog While Going To Get...umm..stuff

So this happened around around 2003..I was 23 years old. I am going to be totally honest with this story and how I came about to bring home a dog lol
Growing up we always had animals in the house. My family has never been without at least one or two dogs. We have had birds, turtles, iguanas, rabbits...well not at the same time lol I remember my sister and I would just rescue random pigeons if we saw them on the road with a broken wing or had gotten run over by a car and were alive but injured. One time when I was little my mom was driving and I saw a pigeon close to the cars on the road so I made her stop the van and I almost ran into the street and tried to stop some of the cars so they wouldn't run it over. We would bring them home and our parents would have a cage to put it in and we would try and feed it back to health. Sometimes we would take it to the vet. Unfortunately most of the time the pigeons or birds wouldn't survive. So animals and their well-being has always been something very close to me that I really care for. Honestly to this day I still think I rather prefer animals to us humans most of the time lol. Ok sorry I know this is an "I have rescued a dog story" lol
So anyways...I was around 23 years old and back then I was using drugs. I was driving in my car on my way to get more drugs. It wasn't the greatest time for myself or especially my family. =(
As I was driving along one of the main roads I turned to my left and saw a really big white dog. Maybe a little big smaller than the Bull-Mastiff my parents used to have. So it wasn't a small dog at all. He was just walking along going behind a building. He didn't have a collar either. For a second I thought hmmmm let me stop and call him or something and see what happens because I felt bad that he was alone. Maybe he was hungry or thirsty. But then I stopped and said ok let me go do what I have to do and on my way back if I still see him I will try and call him/her or get help somehow.
I was on my way back and I see him (it did turn out to be a male).
I turned into the parking lot and somehow started calling to him. He actually turned and came towards me while I was in the car.
You know what? Now that I'm thinking back I really had like no fear lol It never even came to my mind that maybe "hmmmmm what if this dog bites me or something" I don't think that even entered my mind..or maybe it did. And yes I had taken a little something but I would of stopped for the dog even if I hadn't. On my way there I was almost going to stop. Or maybe it did have something to do with it who knows lol
I happened to have water in the car so I found something to pour water into and I gave it to him. He drank it all up. Thats when I started thinking that I couldn't just leave him. So I slowly got closer to him and he seemed really friendly and he let me pet him. I waited for a while there to see if anyone would come looking for him or something. We kinda bonded during that time so I thought ok you are coming back with me. Mind you my parents already had two other dogs lol Taffy a german shepherd and Fluffy a llhasa apso.
As soon as I opened the back door he jumped right into my car.
I got home which was only about ten minutes away. I go inside and tell my parents and sister and they come outside to see him. We introduced him to the other two dogs but they weren't too happy lol. My parents kept him for a few days but having another dog then was a little too much for everyone. So they brought him to the shelter close to us. He was there for a little while and nobody called for him so he ended up being adopted.
So technically I'm not sure if this counts as rescuing a dog. Maybe it kind of does lol. Once I saw him I just couldn't leave him or at least check to see if he was okay. It was on a major road and not in the best area so who knows if he would of gotten run over or something.
Btw I am on a better road now thankfully and things have gotten better with my family.
My parents still own a german shepherd again named Taffy and six cats lol
I myself have three cats...Alley (which is like my child), and Ella and Bubby (my adopted children) I love them all so much =)

ok well thanks for reading...

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I don't think I've ever seen a "I have rescued a pigeon" group on EP...time for you start one!

AaaaaaRGH its you again!! haha thats funny I just replied to the other comment and I read this one and I'm like omg its AaaaaaRGH!!! your funny =) and I didn't even think about starting an "i have rescued a pigeon" group lol Thats a good idea maybe one day soon I will start one lol

thanks again ....Romina

Hey...don't go giving yourself excuses for demotivating yourself....start one now! ::cracks whip:: Maybe I should have just thrown down bird seed instead

i, too, always stop and help..i have and have had tons of pets and rescues and recently have been fostering puppies for an animal rescue group. i socialize them and teach them some manners and get them healthy so they get adopted by a loving family.it's my way of giving back.keep on the better path..the animals need you! :)

Thats really awesome that you do that =)
and thanks so much for your very nice comment...