Let Me Tell You About Our Other Rescue Doggie - Junior

We made a promise to Chico (our original Chihuahua doggie) that from the day that he died we would always rescue dogs and not buy them. We wanted another Chihuahua. I contacted a rescue group after going to the pound and losing out on 3 doggies that we had selected. Apparently Chihuahuas as a breed are rather popular. So, we selected about 20 doggies and most had multiple offers for adoption. I would cry when we kept on getting rejections, thinking I would never have another doggie like Chicky.

Then I see this pic of a doggie with what looked like a grin. We visited with the dog and he was bone thin (way too thin for my liking and he had a real bad habit of jumping on you pretty high trying to bite you.) I wasn't too happy with the doggie and another thing that put me off was that he was named "CHICO" just like our last doggie. My husband on the other hand loved him instantly, I had my doubts. Still we kept our application in and then we passed the first security check. (You know like no turned in dogs to the pound, no calls for mistreatment of animals, they checked our records to make sure that we had taken our dog Chico to the doctor.) Next was the home check, let me add here that we had just gotten a new sofa set for the living room. The rescue care member brought in Chico (aka Junior) inside and he did a sniff test. Oh yeah, I forgot to add that we had already adopted Sonya our older doggie from a rescue in West Virginia. We were checking to make sure that the two doggies got along. First thing Junior does is SPRAY on all of our sofas! He was already fixed so it wasn't that he wasn't fixed. The rescue lady apologized profusely and soon left with Junior. At that point, I realized I would never be able to substitute Junior for Chico. Junior had his own personality and I would never again get another doggie like Chicky.

We adopted Junior and soon found out that he had food aggression problems. He was especially aggressive with bones. He bit me once and bit Dave twice always drawing blood. We got rid of his aggressiveness by only allowing him to eat his food once he knew he was not alpha dog, and we also marked an area for him to eat at. This takes persistance and patience but it works!!! He was still spraying everywhere and not pooping outside, so we set a schedule for him and Sonya and this cut down on the pooping. He eventually stopped spraying but it took like a year. The first week that we had Junior, like I mentioned before, he's very playful, I would open the door and before I could stop him he'd run out the door and was waiting for us to chase him. So the first time, Dave chases him all the way down the block. He eventually stopped running after him when he realized Junior just thought it was in pure fun, but he also almost got run over. Dave had run after him with a toy, a squeeky toy. (Turns out this is Juniors downfall, this and bones) He encouraged him back by throwing the squeeky toy inside the house and Junior ran after it. You would think I would learn after this, well, I didn't. He ran away a total of like 4 times but we were smarter and always got a toy and encouraged him back. Then one day as I was walking Junior, Dave was getting in his car and as soon as Junior saw him get in his car he rushed towards Dave and the leash and him were inside the car in a flash! He was so excited that Dave drove him around the block and parked the car and I put him back on his leash and walked him. After the last incident, I decided to put a chip under his fur so that we would get a call if he ran away again and he didn't return right away. Thankfully we have never had to use it yet.

We eventually put him and Bandit into a puppy training class. The trainor told us that Chihuahuas are the hardest breed to teach because they are so stubborn and so low to the ground. She said she was surprised that our two doggies were so eager to learn. Junior still does a sit with one foot raised but I just figure it's a cute benefit. He also worries about me and my late nights and will sit on the sofa and just stare at me or will stay at the stairs until I decide to come upstairs. He loves his mommy, and I love Junior too. I love cuddling up with him at night. He was all bark and now is no bite. About his bone fetish though.........well, this is the lowdown on that. We would buy him bones and kept on being baffled because the bones would disappear and we thought, we needed to buy more and more bones. Sometimes Junior will hide underneath the waterbed that we have. It's a waterbed but we have a mattress on the frame instead. Anyway, at the foot of the waterbed, there is an opening that is a good hiding spot for a sneeky dog. The doggies sleep with us and during this time someone had peed on the floor, we figured it was Junior because he was hiding under the bed. Junior was so scared we would hurt him for peeing on the rug so I asked Dave to grab him so that we could put him at ease. Well as David goes under the bed he said, "Uh, Irene come here a moment." I was like what?! Dave brought out about 25 bones and pieces of bones. Thats when we found out Juniors deep and dark secret, his bone fetish. He'll eat some of them but mostly he hoards them. And that my friend is my dear darling doggie Junior. Unique, and original, just like his grin.
IntuitiveOne IntuitiveOne
41-45, F
May 5, 2012