How Trixie Came To Live With Us

One day we were going to visit my mom and dad.We were living about two hours away at the time and my husband worked all the time, so we only made this trip about once a month or so. We were exhousted from the ride with the kids when we got there, we had a baby and two 2 year olds. so we sat outside and let the kids play for a while. Now to tell you about my mom and dad their hoarders. It's something i cant stand at all. They used to breed but now that they have several strays the've taken up with their yard is covered with mixbreed dogs and near feral puppies that have never been handled by humans. I find it horrible but theres really nothing i can do about it.
But any ways my dad told me to go look around the back at his new dog. I went back to where the old puppy pen was and found a happy adult dashound wagging her tail at me. She was beautiful. I played with her a while and fell in love with her she was well trained and did all kind of tricks. Out of curiousity i asked my mom what her story was and where she came from.
My mom told me that a coworker of hers had went through bankrupcy and lost his house in the process. They had been forced to move into an apartment and could no longer keep the dog. They were supposed to bee keeping the dog untill they found a home for it. I thought about this for a couple of hours. I thought and thought about it. Me and my husband didn't have any pets cause we didn't think i'd have the time to take proper care of an animal with our kids being so young.
I just could not let this loveable girl become another one of my mom and dads unattended pets. I pulled my husband to the side and told him that I wanted to take her home with us. At first my baby was all against it till I showed him how she would play fetch and do other tricks. He finally agreed. I told my mom that I wanted her. She went on and on about how a pet was a big responsibility and i just wanted to slap her for trying to tell someone else how much of a resposibility a dog was.
So we brought trixie home with us :) The first thing I notice a bout her was that she was completly potty trained! She was amazing and so smart. She has a language all of her own and if you think im crazy but me and her talk a lot. She has a different pitch bark for each thing she wants from me and will even shake her head no or jump up and down for yes. She's been my best bud for the last three years. I am so glad i took a chance when i brought trixie home!!!!
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They have decided to try to gather the dogs and give them away to good homes. I have been trying to stress to my mom the importance of socializing the dogs to humans b4 they are rehomed.

there is alot you can do about your parents animal hoarding...and you owe it to those animals to help not walk away from them! your version of the SPCA and put a stop to it