The Perfect Hitch Hiker!

So about 2 summers ago i was driving to pick up my kids from vacation bible school,i was running late since i had been in town going to yard sales,my suburban was full,lol. I pick the kids up and head down to my house. I come around the S curve and there's a small brown dog sitting in the middle of the road. It was a back road,but still a busy road and he was on a blind curve...I'm such a sucker when it comes to animals so i pull over quickly and open my door to see if the dog was still there,and the frig gin thing jumped in my lap,the kids start freaking out screaming,and the dog jumps in the back with them and starts licking them and,yea,15seconds with this dog and they loved him lol. When you pick up strays you always look for a collar,he didn't have a collar,but he was fat,clean,friendly,nutered and had hair loss from a collar rubbing his neck. The spot where he was found there was a driveway with 4 or 5 houses on it,i knew he belonged to someone and couldn't just take him. My truck was fulllll,so we HAD to go home and take out the stuff from m shopping. So we did,then we went back and knocked on all the doors and found out from the neighbors who's dog it was. I left a note,but took the dog so it didn't run away again. Later that evening,long story short, this woman calls me and says its her dog,his name is Rocky and she cant keep him...she says hes fixed,microchip,utd on shots,she used the same vet i do,and she even says i can have his schock collar if i want it. I told her id love to take him and find him a home...well...2 years later hes still here....too good of a dog to give to someone else...hes the perfect dog,39lbs,fixed, chipped, potty trained,crate trained,good with kids,cats,other dogs and his schock collar keeps him in my yard! So yea,hes a keeper! Thanks for reading one of my stray pickup stories! :)
Jeepinmom Jeepinmom
May 7, 2012