Gringo, Our Accidental Rescue

What can I say about Gringo?  I originally wanted to call him Jughead.  He just didn't look like a Jughead.  So here is his story.  I get home one day and yes, my husband found another Chihuahua dog roaming the streets here where we live.  Gringo has huge hazel eyes, a red/pink nose, and soft tawny fur mixed with a little white fur. We found him with another girl doggie we named Rosie.  We didn't want another Chihuahua, let alone two of them, since we already had three Chihuahua doggies.  Our neighbor told us they wanted to adopt Gringo and that they knew a friend who would take Rosie.  Their friend adopted Rosie, but because Gringo shed too much, they returned Gringo back to us.  So Gringo was adopted by us and he was neutered.

Gringo is a cute little dog.  He is very aggressive but he is beginning to calm on down.  We've had him now for like a year.  I'll have to say though the most unique thing about Gringo is his bark.  When he barks at other dogs, it almost sounds like a sound that a dog would emit if it got run over by a car.  I kid you not!  When he barks, people actually look at me to see if I am killing the dog......I'm surprised no one has called animal cruelty on me.

Gringo doesn't sleep in our room but with my stepdaughter.  He is small maybe like 12 inches long but takes up more than half of a double bed!!  I love this dog, he is so starved for affection.  I don't know how long he was roaming around the area before we found him but I'm sure that my first dog Chico had something to do with bringing him to us.

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1 Response May 7, 2012

You're probably right. I think most dogs are rescueable. I believe because Gringo had aggressiveness problems maybe his other family couldn't deal with it and dumped him around our neighborhood because they saw us walking our three little chihuahuas. Love Gringo a matter of fact yesterday, after my stepdaughter found out that her grandfather had died, Gringo laid down beside her and licked her tying to comfort her. I think he is so precious.