Russell Came To Stay...

Basset hound rescue called us to ask us to take in a homeless hound whose original owner claimed to be leaving the country.  We drove two hours in a snow storm to get this poor guy, in Port Hope of all places. He was a beautful reddish color and so very thin, it was painful to look at him. His name is Russell, and although my husband had only agree to foster him for a few days, he is still here, seven years later. God he is a beautiful animal! He does have some aggression and allergies, but we cope. We rescued him a little sister 3 years ago and he has his own cat, our one-eyed Bogart. (another rescue).  Russell is well loved.
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4 Responses May 9, 2012

Love bassets. They always seem so calm and unflappable. I always imagine them saying "Rabbit? Why would I want to chase a rabbit?"

Love it thanks for sharing.

we need more to come to the rescue. we have two rescue dachshunds.

He sounds just lovely, and what a fortunate dog to have found such a ideal family. It sounds like all of your animals are well loved. And don't you just love those "just a few days" foster situations? All six of my cats are bottle babies who came as newborns and were going to leave at 8-12 weeks, lol. Thank you for helping to rescue some of our precious four-footed friends. :)