Oh My Boomer(:

I don't know how but I've come to love Boomer so much. Boomer is my 3 year old Belsian Malonwous. I found him roaming my neighborhood and all my neighbors just "shooed" him away. I saw him and he reminded me of my old dog Shadow. I brought out some dog food for him to eat and that kinda where my love for him started. I love dogs so much so when I saw him all boney I decided that I would take care of him. I begged my parents and they let me "keep" him. Since then I've always bathed him, fed him and loved him. I don't think he would be happy any where else. He's made my life 100 times better. I am extremely happy that he is in my life. I love you Boomer<3
MomoEspinar MomoEspinar
13-15, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

Belgian Malinois are great dogs, very loyal and loving. I was a dog handler in the air force and handled a couple of mal's. They are hard working and intelligent. Dogs have a strange ability to come into your life and just make it seem better. Good luck to you and boomer.