2006 was a very rough year for us. My husband and I lost our Black and white American bulldog to poison. Brutus was only 2.5 years old so it was really hard. Our other baby Randy (6 year old black lab) took it really had too. Randy would wake Chris up in the middle of the night to go out. At first we though just go potty but we were wrong. Randy was actually looking Brutus. He would go to ever corner of the yard and cry and go back to Chris and then repeat it again. Chris would try to call him back in the house but he wouldn't come back in. Randy did this every night for two weeks until I convinced my husband that we needed to getbRandy a new friend. Chris didn't want another dog at all. LOng story made short we went to the pound to look at companions for Randy. We happen to find a litter of puppies that were8 weeks old. We looked at them and went for the shy guy the only one that was white and a patch over his eye. I picked him up and held him and knew he was the one my husband was hesitant. Then he held the puppy and the puppy kicked Chris's chin. Next thing you know we were filling out the paper work and taking the puppy home. Chris called him Jake and that QA his name. We brought Jake home and introduced him to Randy. Randy snuffed him wagged his tail and started barking excitedly. Randy went and got his tennis ball and wanted to start playing. It was great Randy had not wanted to play since Brutus died. To this day Jake and Randy have to go to get her everywhere .
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May 25, 2012