A Few Saved

the first dog i rescued was my dog Zoe...we adopted her from the pound when she was 1 day away from being put to sleep. she is amazing and going on 10 years old!

the second dog we (my husband and i) rescued was our dog Neila. she was found on the farm when she was very little, and then stepped on in the head and hip by a horse. after they thought she was dead, we took her home and we will have had her 5 years the day before st. pattys day.

and the third dog we rescued, we didnt get to keep. she got hit by a car, and no one was going to take her to the vet for fear of the bill, but we did anyway. she turned out to be ok after a few days, and her owners found her...however we never got a thanks or anything from them. but we were happy to have saved her life.

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What a beautiful story ! <br />
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If we had more people like you, WOW !! <br />
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Just think about it. <br />
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Yeah....... the world would be a better place for sure.<br />
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Thanks for sharing ! :-)