Murphy and Xenia

Murphy, my beloved pit/shepherd mix was adopted from a drug dealer who's purebred somehow mixed it up with a shepherd.  While he had not abandoned the dogs to a shelter or the street, that's where they were headed if he couldn't find homes.  After Murphy died, 17 years later, I didn't want another dog....didn't want the inevitable heartbreak.  But my (ex) husband did, so I went to a shelter and picked up Miss Xenia, a pure pit for him.  I inherited her in the divorce, she's an old lady now, too.  I don't believe in buying dogs from breeders or stores, as long as there are dogs in shelters or on the streets needing  a home.



yeibiche yeibiche
1 Response Mar 16, 2009

I agree. There are so many lost and in-need-of-home dogs out there. Buying new ones seems like an extravagance.