A black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  Her family dropped her off and I think she'd only been there about a week.  She was up for adoption and I brought her home.  She was semi-housebroken, so we had some accidents of course.  Now, she's gotten so much better and she's pretty settled in here with me.  I've got her to where she gets excited to go outside and she jumps and bounces around til we do.  Makes me laugh.  She's very intelligent and learns fast, and she's very comforting when I'm having a bad day.  I went to bed one bad morning after being up for a couple hours and I was pretty tearful, and she came in there and laid with me and stayed with me.  We slept for an hour and cuddled with me til I had to get up and go to work.  Great dog.  I got lucky.

Oh, I forgot: She steals the couch from me, and sometimes my bed if I'm not careful.  

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Lol definitely. Not a bratty ***** of a dog hahah.

Its really good to hear that she is settling in with you. And she she makes you happy! Dogs are amazing for that. Yay for picking a keeper.