Rls Hell

      I am having a night from Hell with my restless legs....    When i first started taking requip it was awesome.  Just one Mg took care of my restless legs for a year or more.  Then  I had to up my dosage to 1 1/2  and that worked for a while.  But lately I feel the need to increase  it again,   I am up to 2 mg's a night and  for a few nights that has not worked.   
so  I lay awake for 2 hours and then finally take another  half and 2 more hours have passed and i just took another half which puts me up to 3 mgs.     Wondering if that is an extremely high dosage.     I have appt with dr next week.   Hope their are other options for me.   Wish a sleeping pill worked for me but  restless legs is very hard to settle down.  So many things make it worse.   Thanks for listening!!!  Going to try to go to bed now.....  HOpe this three mgs works. I have never taken this much before but if you have rls you would do anything to get to go to sleep.     thanks lsnow
letasnow letasnow
May 20, 2012