Continuous Symptoms

I have suffered from RLS for about two years.I have been unhealthy all my life so I put the leg symptoms and pain on the back burner.But I,'ve reached a point of non stop pain.In many different forms.The worse is the fire like feeling sometimes it's as if someone is sticking a knife me
Sleep is a rare thing.Dr.has finally put me on some meds and I can get about 4 hrs of sleep.People who do not have this can't imagine how it feels it's hard to describe.They say malnutrition and neuropathy is the cause.In fact I was in a wheel chair for a few months.I ended up with slot of physical therapy.Now I keep using them so I don't lose them again.Thank You 4 your time.
112062tm 112062tm
46-50, F
Jan 17, 2013