I have had RLS for about 5 years. It started after I tore my hamstring from my sits bone. At first it was constant. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't stand in one place for long or sit at all. I could only sit on the floor. But not in a chair. I stretch every night and roll on a foam roller. I take requip and clonazepam. They make me loopy so I can take them only at night. When I fly I take a homeopathic remedy called restful legs and two asprin.
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Try some 'Painmaster' micro-current electrodes. They often work for me. They cost $79-$99 @ set, but I got 5 of them on Group-on for $19.99 @... A good deal!

No, not quite a TENS (I have those too). This is a very low-level current on wearable electrodes (no programmable sending unit). You can't even feel the current... unless you get wet!

THe product I'm using is called 'Painmaster' (http://www.themicrocurrentsite.co.uk/prod_name/painmaster.aspx)