Rp & Mystery Symptoms

I have been living with RP for almost 20 years. Recently, I've been diagnosed with chronic abdominal pain with no explanation of what the cause is. Strange thing is, my sister, who also has RP, has been dealing with similar stomach/abdomen issues. Our doctor was curious if there are other people with RP suffering from these types of symptoms, so I want to ask you all if any of you know of anything like this. Any feedback would be very helpful. Thank you.
krisalyn krisalyn
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No, not specifically. I've done an ultrasound of my abdomen and the results didn't show any abnormalities with my organs.

Thanks for the advice. I've already eliminated dairy and wheat because I noticed negative reactions to them. I will ask my doctor at our next appt. about taking a food allergy test. Maybe there's other foods that I'm allergic to that I'm not aware of.

Hi krisalyn
Food allergies are the cause of your problems and underdiagnosied in many cases. Try to eliminate the common food allergens peanut, eggs, milk, soy, shell fish, etc
Consider what makes a baby get the colic.
Now the RP can cross react with a food is not well understood and may not be part of the problem
My foods included mustard which I like on my eggs both were irritants to my gi track