It's Me...therealwoman...

I think I deleted my account but left my stories up, a couple of years ago now.
Does anyone remember me?

It's good to be HOME!
TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
19 Responses Dec 28, 2012

I'm a newcomer so No but Welcome Back....I look forward to reading your stories.

Of course I do remember you! Great to have you back. Im also not here very often anymore but still here. Anyway, welcome back!!

I didn't know you deleted your account. Why? What happened?

Actually, I discovered it's still around - , but I blacked out one drunken night and forget the login.... it's just an archive now.

I remember you, how have you been?

I feel the same as everyone else does.
It is good to know that you are back and you are safe.
who could not forget


Welcome back, sweetie. We missed you. And yes, we worried about you. You were such a sweetheart with our Charlie. And we haven't forgotten about that, nor will we ever forget about it or you. How have you been? Happy New Year to you. That's for 2011, 2012 and 2013, too. We're all so glad to see you're here and alive and well.

Good to see you love! Of course we remember you! How could anyone forget you?!?!?!

I remember you. Welcome back. Why didn't you resume the previous name?

I had a bad blackout and al of my login details are gone from memory. I feel like an evolving being, so the old profile link is in my headline.

you were the soul of this place. it looks like there may be hope for ep yet. great to have you back.

Looking forward to 2013 with you TWWD... *wink*

Thanks all, found the TRW profile and you can read it any time...I'll stay on this one now, though.
Happy pending 2013!

Ha! Risky! This could of gone very, very wrong lol.... Glad they remembered you! I wasnt here I dont think... x

she is one of the top rockstarlets here! glad youse two have linked up.

<p>Welcome home! lovely, you have been missed! Great way to start 2013! xxx (Best always)</P>

Hell yes, I remember you. And I, for one am glad you came back.

I remember you, and you have been missed on here.... I think your old account is still here and it hasn't been deleted maybe the EP people can help you get back on it... Just saying...

Of course I remember you! **hugz**

It's so good to see you back!! (((((hugs))))
I'm not here as much as I used to be, a 'certain someone' has been keeping me busy! ;-)

welcome back

I remember you!