First Of All... is not me who has got it but my gf. A few days ago she got the diagnosis, and she did not think and talk about it too much. As I know exactly what this diagnosis means (my first wife was a doctor) I really worry about it. She not even 40 years old yet.

As I got the "wonderful" diagnosis of a diabetes last year I additionally know what it means to get to know that things never will be like before and that you will have to take some heavy medicine your life long. Now both of us have diseases which often come into our minds and which for a certain period reign a part of our lives. At an age of 40!!

Dear community, please give me some hints how to see those things a little cooler? How to keep calm about it? I know well, that all this is not a catastrophy and that other people have to deal with much worse things but I do not manage to keep calm even when I think about what may/probably will happen to her. To be honest, until now I sort of ignored my diabetes more or less as far as it is possible, but since she also stepped into the same footsteps and cannot do anything she wants to easily anymore, I am really worried to what will happen and to the way I can stop her being so innerly down. Please help me with some hints how to handle this and how to put things right - and how to keep calm. And - of course - how to help her with her anxiety. Thanks in advance.

routemaster2 routemaster2
41-45, M
Feb 23, 2010