What Do Small Town Doctors Know?

Im 22 years old. Im be dealing with pain, and up and downs for the past 3 to 5 years. I have no clue why i started hurting in weird places i have never hurt before. I noticed something was wrong when my normal work days where turning into half days. At the time i was working roofing. I was able to carry two packs of shingles easily. Now these days i have trouble carry one. Then after once im done i need to take a breather just to restrech. Ive been out of work since i was not able to keep up. I started going to see doctors telling them i was sore and i had a hard time sleeping because of pain and restless legs. They told me i was stressed and stress can cause pain. So they prescribed me some anit-depressants/ insomnia pills. It seemed like i was all zombie with slow reaction time. so i tryied going back to work with meds. and without any luck i was still sore and dazed at work all the time i couldnt concentrate. so after 3 months of this i stopped taking my pills and tried self therapy. They told me i was stressed so i started to do more funs things like hanging out with friends. I can say it helped a bit but i was still sore. I ended up being worse over the months and more restrictions in my life. I started to noticed i couldnt turn in certain directions. i could do certain activities or i would be on down time for 3 to 4 days. I ended up having to take time off my job for some relief time. i couldnt keep up with the boss's demands. and restless nights of sleep. finding myself drained for work and i was pulling a burn out. i found i was digging my own grave. well ive been off work for a year and 8 months now. and things are looking up. i ended up going for an M.R.I. They found out that i had three back problems. I have a wedging in my t12, in my lower lumbar i got a herniated disc. and another one i got an adjacet disc or something. It seems that doctors here dont want you to have the papers. or see them for that matter. i found that out by sneaking in my profile at the doctors office and got caught by the nurse. The nurse closed it and put it on the desk. i turned around told her that i have the right to see them and she walked away. Put anyways i did some theraphy at the hospital. they ended up doing somestrechting of the back on some machine. it would give me temporary relieve but then it came back twice fold after 6 to 8 hours. i went to see my doctors and they prescribed me some neuraligic pills that help with nerves. I tried those but no relieve. I kept complaining to my doctors and finally asked for a refferal to see a specialist. I ended up seeing a disease specialist. i cant remeber the correct term. after the examination he turned around said i was fine, but i got chronic rheumatism. I asked him what that meant. i got some form of arthritis. he then told me that my back should be able to handle the daily requirements. and to go back to work. I ended up going back to work but didnt even last 2 weeks. I ended up leaving work again. Im not to sure what to do now. im having alot of problems keeping up with everyone else. i did some research online and found many self therapy methods. it seems to me that the self therapy helps alot more than what doctors say. well the small town doctors. I know what i can do and when to much is too much. But things are getting worse. and i have no clue what to do. i tried finding jobs that suit me and my sitiuation. but even a desk job these days requires heaving lifting or alot of standing or sitting. Which i cant even do anymore. plusi got many more problems associated with my body.


-High Arched feet. (i do have orthotics for my feet that ido use)

-bow legged

-knocked knee

-starting to get sore hips (got to get that checked)

-Headaches 5 days a week

-grind my teeth leading to sore jaw

-photosentive eyes

-Threeback problems

-Chronic Rheaumtism

-joints are sore 24/7

-feeling weak all the time

-muscualar soreness and tenderness

bigboi87 bigboi87
22-25, M
Mar 15, 2010