Defined By Rheumatiod Arthritis

I was diagnosed with rheumatiod arthritis when I was 21 years old.  Unfortunately, I recently realised that rheumatoid arthritis effected me on a much deeper level than I first thought.  It was emotionally devastating for me to hear and accept the fact that I was diagnosed with this chronically deabilitating condition.  I thought I would be the type of person that wouldn't allow my condition to define who I was and am but recently I've accepted the fact that that is exactly what I did do.  I believe that in some strange level I've been in denial about my athritis - this is a strange reality as I've got a very aggressive form of Rheumatoid arthritis so it has been a daily struggle for the past 9 years.  Rationally, I'm not sure how I could be in denial.  I've been through various combinations of rheuatoid arthritis drugs which haven't been effective.  I've been so lucky to have prescribed Enbrel - it has REALLY Changed my life in a phenominal way - like night and day...

My life has been on hold for the last 6 years and now I've finally taken charge of my life and I know that I'm more than Rheumatoid athritis and I will no longer let it control my life.  I'm currently persuing a career in photography - my absolute dream carreer.....But I'm in no means totally emotionally stable about my disease but I'm trying my very best....
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I am so happy to hear that! I know exactly what it's like- I was diagnosed with RA at 21 as well..and even though I'm only 24 now (still young you'd think) I have been living in pain,hurt,denial and soooo many other feelings that it's like I had my life on pause as well. I am still a little in denial, but have been trying to keep a positive attitude despite it all! It's tough..good luck and stay strong!!

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Thank you for sharing your story on the forum.

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