I Was Diagnosed When I Was Fifteen

i had to go to childrens hospital about every week  for a few months .. it was so annoying ... but its alot better now . i  dont hurt as bad but i still have alot of stiffness
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RA sucks , I was diagnosed at the age of 3 , wish you the best xoxo

that's what i always say...1 day at a time, you hang in there:)

Thanks for the msg Kendra77<br />
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I've been on Methotrexate for the last 8 years or so, & Arava for about 2 years... together with lots of other NSAID's & steroids here and there. Suffered a MASSIVE flareup after I contracted Chicken pox a few years ago & till this day, I'm trying to recover. All the meds caused some serious liver damage so they took me off all meds in November of last year. I'm only taking painkillers right now... started off with Narcotics (since its easy on the liver) & now that my liver is relatively stable, I'm on Tylenol and Aleve etc.. for SURE not enuff for the pain I'm in. I haven't been back on RA meds as yet... but I need to do so really really soon. They are looking to get me ion Rituxan (biologic targeting the B cells, compared to Enbrel a TNF blocker) ... <br />
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I also have to do hip replacements, both hips. But because of my age, we're stalling it as long as possible. <br />
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It's rough times indeed!! one day at a time ...

starstruck2xtrme--have you gone into some sort of remission? it must be nice to have recovered to the point of not needing any meds:) i don't hear that too often.

what meds are you on atiana? i currently take enbrel, methotrexate, celebrex & some pain meds when needed. i was diagnosed at age 2 & told at age 28 that i need to have both knees replaced (i'm 31 now). it's been rough at times, but i get through 1 day at a time:)

& you're doing well! thats really good. Keep well & happy :)

no i dont take any meds ...

I was diagnosed at age 13. Its been a forever up and down battle for me... right now I'm left with a lot of damage... <br />
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Are you any medication?