I "beat" Rheumatiod Arthritis

This is my own story, I wrote it on an old EP account and I've decided to post it again.

I noticed the first symptoms in 1996, I was twenty nine at the time. The doctor shrugged it off, saying "it's how you were made" but I was convinced he was wrong. After the pain spread from my little finger to my wrists I demanded to see a specialist but I was refused, the doctor again told me it was just how I was made. During the next year every joint in my body became sore and I lost a lot of mobility, I found it almost impossible to get downstairs most mornings and going for a day out at the football, my favourite pastime, was a nightmare.
After suffering for what seemed like a lifetime, my doctor finally agreed to take some blood tests and the results proved what I'd known all along, I had Arthritis. I was referred to a specialist and he prescribed Methotrexate, a drug which was useless due to the side effects. He then prescribed Sulphasalazine  which was even worse so I ignored my further appointments and looked for a natural remedy.
Just by chance, while flicking through a magazine in a dentists waiting room, I came across an article written by the former Olympic athlete and five times gold medal winner, Carl Lewis. He's a sufferer of the same condition and spoke about a natural treatment which had been successful for him so I gave it a try. I took two capsules a day for the first month then one a day afterwards and my condition improved so quickly that I was free of pain and regained most of my movement within weeks. 
The miracle, drug free "cure" was made possible by Zinaxin, concentrated root ginger capsules which are available online and from some high street stores in the UK such as Lloyds and Boots.
I rarely suffer any symptoms now and I recently had a very active, very physical job, something which I nearly had to give up during the early stages of my condition.
I strongly advise anyone who suffers with Rheumatoid Arthritis to try Zinaxin. It worked for me so it can work for you.

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Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your story on the forum.

I am a researcher starting to work in healthcare industry since last year. Slowly through the project that we work with RA, I have learned so much about how people with RA have suffered.

Now, I work for a consultant company called DeltaMV Knowledge Solutions (www. deltamv.com). We are working on a project called RA patient journey. To finish the project well, we need to talk to people who have been diagnosed with RA to understand what they have gone through. The result from the project will help us to write up recommendation on how to build a better support program for RA patients in Australia.

We are very much interested in your experiences if you live in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth or suburbs near these cities . This is a paid research. We will compensate your time for $100 in cash for an hour interview.

If you are interested please email me at 043 101 5330.

Thank you,

Trang Tran

I know someone with RA and I will tell them about this. Thanks

As debilitating as it can be, I am glad you found something that works for you.. I couldn't imagine YOU not being the way you are...muah!

I have rheuma as well, Tietze Syndrome, at first I thought I had heart problems but that wasn't the case thankfully, I applied for a scootmobile but my stupid doctore refused, now I sometimes walk like a stiff plank lol, with quite a bit of pain, but hey, it can be worse.<br />
<br />
So yeah I do know how you feel.