Im 24 and was just diagnosed with RA about 5 months ago, and i cant accept it. I hate that i cant control the pain. I always struggled with being over weight. Last year I lost 65 lbs and was at a healthy normal weight and ready to take on the world.I was at my happiest. Since being diagnosed with RA my life has been 360. Brushing my hair, showering, and writing have become a struggle. I lost friends, and some of my family members laugh at it, they think its a easy transition for me.Another issue that bugs me is when i tell people I have RA, there response is "I have arthritis in my arm i know what its like". Uhm no you dont this is my whole body not just my arm. I struggle with it everyday and just need someone to talk to and see what makes it easier to accept and help with pain. Im on 3 meds and they dont seem to help much.
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I am 43 had RA since I had my first child at 23, I have had various flare-ups which never resolve to allow previous levels of activity or pain management. I have over the time tried a variety of alternative treatments spent a fortune on "herbal" ideas or suggestions from helpful onlookers. My advice work with your doctors because it is only by keep revisiting the issues you face does anyone actually listen and begin to look at what is available for you, if it doesn't work tell them - they won't second guess you and if you say nothing they assume it is working. I take so many medications including a 4 weekly transfusion of abatabacept and use prescribed morhpine occasionally but this keeps me able to participate in my families lives to a reasonable degree, allows me to hold down a fulltime managerial role and although my mood fluctuates by the hour sometimes, I need help to wash and dress and get about but tolerating this trying to have a reasonable lifestyle is what keeps me sane. I believe no-one knows how you feel unless they are managing the condition too, but it is about that positive thought you manage the condition not the condition which you have to conform too. Take all the help you can get you then get to reach you potential even with RA you get no points for suffering in silence.

<p>A good info page is , I have to agree with your doc on diet- what helped me was my meds. RA put me in a wheelchair in less than 3 months from diagnosis, I have severe RA and I didn't have time on my side to try special diets- if I had not started aggressive treatment I may have missed the window of opportunity to get control of the disease early. I had to cut my hair short because I couldn't brush it and my husband can't braid worth a darn lol, I couldn't even roll onto my side in bed without assistance. Now I'm back driving long haul truck, although many people told me my driving days were over. Yesterday I chained up going over some mountain passes and just was a bit sore this morning but nothing major. I hope you get relief soon! Also check out the American College of Rheumatology</p>

I feel you completely. Ive lost friends also and it really does hurt. Ive felt like im on my own and ive had to try and be positive but its really hard. I understand. Lets hope it gets better.

yah I try just gets so hard. I asked my doctor if i should stay away from certain foods and she said it has no effect. I have read somewhere that certain foods help and some dont help it. I need to reasearch more