My Journey.

Hi, i was diagnosed with JRA when i was 1 year old, Im currently 13 (14 in 2 months) . & i got it by being the 1 in 1000 kids, it wasn't even hereditary!! from when i started to walk until i was 4 i would limp, i never really started walking normal until i was 5. i took lots of medications but they left huge horrid scars on my face, they are still there they are just less visible. My arthritis didn't seem to get better. But with LOTS of injunctions (& i mean L O T S) i got better. Then it came back 3 times worse. There was a point i couldn't move my neck the slightest bit. Going in the car and making a turn made me cry because my neck moved, and I'm not exaggerating! then came the worst part, methotrexate. I took methotrexate every thursday. it made me so sick i missed every friday of school. I never went to school on a friday in grade 3. not 1 time. then the arthritis went away for 2 years. then it was back, i was given arava to help. It worked! and after a year it was gone! no medicine. Until this year. Its back. I am back on arava. I guess we can say it is helping control pain, it isn't really doing the trick though.

So as you can see, my childhood wasn't exactly 'normal'. and I've been through a lot with this battle, and I'm not done yet! And who knows, this battle may go on for the rest of my life, or it may go on for 2 more years. You never know!

This Quote helped me through it all though, And if you have JRA or Any type of Arthritis I think you should always remember this:

"We never know how strong we are, Until being strong is the only choice we have"

so yes, Kids get arthritis too. And everyone, no matter what age. If you are suffering from arthritis remember I love you and i know you will make it through! <3 :)
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Hey, Sorry to hear about your story.
I am going to make an essay project about JRA.
May I ask you for permission to use your story for my essay. It would be nice and useful for others to know about your experience and learn from your story. thank you :)