was diagnosed with JRA, Glaucoma, and Uveitis at a very young age. The uveitis came first at age 7, then the glaucoma and JRA followed shortly after. The minute one flares the rest follow. I have been on countless medications including methotrexate which made me throw up within 10 minutes of taking it, remicade, and humira after the remicade stopped working . I am on humira currently and im doing well. If i have flare ups which are rare but seem to be happening 1-2 times a year, i receive cortisone shots in ny knee since thats the only joint that swells and is very painful. I work full time and am going to college full time. In the past couple months ive been very sleepy, fatigued, always feeling a little sick, low grade temps, just basic symptoms to RA. My JRA is on the fence to becoming RA... i try to be a happy positive person and most of the time i can pull it off.. but then i have days or moments where i just feel exhausted and i dont know what to do. I have started to take naps after i get off work... i never needed to before. my body just shuts down. I dont know if this is normal as the disease progresses.. anyway, i wanted to say that humira has done wonders for me and im taking it day by day. Glad to know there are people who feel my pain and dont just say take an advil or aleve. Bcuz they dont know what any of us are feeling and dealing with on a daily basis. im 20 and i feel 75 most days....
Alma24 Alma24
22-25, F
Sep 1, 2014