Growing Up On a Farm

I loved baling hay in the summers and driving the hay rake around the fields. I have spent many summer days driving the tractor around the farm.  I still think men on tractors are sexy.

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Cowboys and leather... mmm mmm good

But you smell so heavenly at the end of the day. I love the smell of a cowboy.

I would love to see it.

LOL.. now that is funny.

Other way round?<br />
<br />
<br />
Btw, I love mangoes too, and not just the tree one hehehe! ;)

LOL funny. I thought it was the other way around. lol

Hahahah you need to please me first then! Mwahahaha! Get to work damnit!

You know I would do anything for mangoes... Puppy, what puppy?

Hehe, you forget I hail from India, city boy yeah, but I may just know about farms more than you! :)<br />
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Btw, you know my mum's uncle owns a mango groove, wooh that is the one of the best I have been to! =)

I bet that was fun for a city boy Floyd. <br />
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I hate he sold those Outlaw. You could be riding them today.

my grandpa had 4 of them (B), but he sold them while i was gone in the army. i like them cause of the narrow fe and the ease of mounting a bucket loader, or saw rig. ive always been partial to the B. and i need a tractor

Sure bring it over. Does it still run? My dad collected antique tractors the way most men collect cars although he had cars too. Because of this I do know about some tractors at least. Is this the only letter series you have? Are you a collector or just needed a tractor?

I took a ride once home on a tractor, my van had broken down and it was raining, so I stopped a tractor on purpose and asked him to leave me home just 2-3 km's down the same road he was going, twas fun! =)

i just post a pic of 1 like it, in my pics

i have a john deere "B" , wanna ride?

LOL, I loved it because I wasn't forced to do it and why do you think I love the farm? A lot of the college guys worked on my dad's farm in the summers to earn extra spending money for college. They sure were pretty.<br />
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We used to bale our oats. Nowadays the majority of farmers use round bales and a tractor to move them from place to place.

Glad you liked it. I HATED lifting bales of hay and shoveling oats. YUCK!! That's why we have the saying, however, "To each his own." If farming is your thing, then try to make it a part of your life somehow. Since you are a woman, why not try to find yourself a farmboy!