Ferrocarril-Barranca Del Cobre

I first rode a train 10 years ago, going through the Copper Canyon in Mexico. The canyon is spectacular. You could walk in between the cars and stay outside if you wanted ( can't think of any other trains where that is allowed). Met lots of people and the service was warm and friendly. Had one of the best margaritas on that trip too:) I stayed in the town of Creel for a few days with a sidetrip down into the canyon to the village of Batopilas. I would love to go again!

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That's a trip I'd like to take some time.

Another train where you can ride atop the boxcars is in Equador, comes out of the Andies ended up near Guayaquil at sea level. At one point ladies sold a mean breakfast simply handed full plates up and got passed along. Great views.<br />
Another rail trip that switchbacks by pulling into a spur and backing to another to gain elevation like Copper Canyon of Mexico is in Peru from Cusco to Machupicchu.

Sounds like a wonderful adventure.

Heres a great train in the California Wine Country: http://winetrain.com/

The most amazing train ride I ever took was the Toy Train to Darjeeling, India. What an amazing ride and the sights were incredible. Up mountains with views of the Himalayas and the most wonderful people!<br />
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The most difficult train ride was taking a mail train out of Calcutta, India and getting eaten alive by mosquitos. In addition, the bathroom on the train was just a room with a big hole in the middle and you could see the train tracks "whizzing" by (no pun intended). But definitely a ride I will never forget.

You had me interested in doing that until the mosquitos. I always get bitten and the bites are painful. I guess I'll just read about this trip and not take it. Thanks for the info.

Sounds awesome.