Oh Yes I Have

I love riding the train out if Dillsboro, NC.  It has been a long time since I have taken this scenic ride.  I have also written stories about the rides on these trains and posted them in my profile in the past.

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I don't know if it still runs, but, back in 1983, I took the train from San Diego to LA. It is a relatively short trip. However, this was around sunset on July 4. Until it turns inland to stop at Anaheim, the train runs on the bluffs overlooking the beaches. At sunset, it was truly beautiful.

They are fun to ride.

I have never been on a train but I love to sit and watch them

Thanks for the warm welcome back....it's been a rough few months...but we are on the way back to the world....moving back to Omaha soon....he's there now, working, paving the way...military still has his hooks in him, just reserve duty, though....it's good to reconnect with frineds....SS

I love trains, never been on the train out if Dillsboro, but I'll add that to my bucket list

YW my friend. I have missed you and your guy lately. Good to see you back around.

An old bf was big into trains..we used to go to the tracks all the time to watch the trains...even rode one or two together....my most memorable train ride was as a child riding the train from Durango to Silverton (southern Colorado) as a child. Went back as an adult...still just as beautiful and memorable...thanks for the tricp down memory lane...SS