My Airplane Experience

The first time I ride the airplane when I was in grade 6 and when I fetch my mother in the airport for she will be hading a vacation here. I really don’t know that when we come back here in province, we will ride on airplane. So that time, I was glad because I can now experience riding on airplane.

When the day comes, I was excited in time of departure until it flight. I’m so amazed and I don’t know that what kind of feeling I felt. I feel like neither pushing me down nor getting me fly. My head was aching. Then, I feel bored and asleep just for a while. And suddenly, im so surprise that the plane was already landing. When I go down, I then felt jet lag. That was my first time experience on airplane and flight.

But when the years past and im riding how many times on the plane, my feeling in the first time I ride before was little by little changing. I now feel more comfortable and relaxing when on the flight. This was now my experience when riding on airplane. It was so nice to know that riding on it was enjoyable because you can view many beautiful places on the top and you can saw beautiful islands.
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Jan 17, 2013