My Bus Riding Memories, Part 5

After Thursday, April 13'th, 1989, I rode the buses on the various S.F./Bay Area bus systems with increasing frequency!

In May of that year, I had my first ride on the system known as "BART Express." This was one of the many area bus services that took riders to and from the various BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) commuter train systems!

The "BART Express" buses were large, with very comfortable seats!

My first ride was on the one "unusual route" of the system! The other routes ran on one of the freeways for at least half of the distance; however, this route, known as "D", ran on Saturdays and Sundays along the same route as did the "County Connection" service route 121 did Mondays-Fridays, a "local" route with many stops along the way, from Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton to the "BART" train station in Walnut Creek.

This was the only route that was operated by one service on weekdays and by another service on weekends!

The weekend "D" BART Express route was the only one in that service that operated on a local route, not travelling on the freeway!

I also sometimes rode the weekday route 121 "County Connection" route!

On weekdays, there was a "BART Express' route, the "DX", that ran from the Hacienda Business Park in Pleasanton to the Walnut Creek BART station, travelling on the freeway (U.S. Interstate 680) most of the way!

Mostly, I rode the "D" BART express bus on Saturdays to a roller skating rink and a video arcade in the town of San Ramon.

These bus experiences were fun and enjoyable!

In my next  installment, I will talk about my first ride on the BART commuter train system!

Take care! Best wishes, from jrhanold!

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Feb 12, 2009