I don't have my licence, so i catch public transport practically every where i go. I'm used to it. It doesn't really bother me. I know that when i start driving i'll be thankful though. I prefer to catch the train because it's quicker and more reliable, but the bus stop is more convenient. I just wish the buses weren't always early/late/not turning up -_-

jasminjane jasminjane
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Sweetie, I have learned-by virtue of being a 30-year bus &
commuter train rider in Texas, California, and Iowa-the importance of being patient! :)

hi jasminjane,according to whoever,we have kots in common which is cool,Im 45 and love having people to have a yarn with,especially if they understand where Im coming from,so please coz of my sexual orientation,don't think Im a dirty old bag coz I can assure you thats not what Im about! Im a walking contadiction too!!!! I like that hey, leighmarie

pffffffffft. NO. it's absolutely pathetic.

Perhaps by logging on to
the website for the American Public Transportation
Association-someone there could give you information
on how-by you contacting your local transit service-things
could be improved.

Has there been any improvement in your local bus service's operations since February,2009?