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I was working in a cafe the Summer i moved out of my parents house, and the uniform there is a white shirt and black pants. I've been wearing the same tight pair of pants for two months now, and they've been through the wash a few times, so I can feel them getting thinner and weaker as time goes on. Well, the other day I was on the afternoon shift, and I had to load the dishwasher. So I carried a tray full of plates and cups into the kitchen, bent over to put them in and i heard RRRRRRIIIIIIIIPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!
My white shirt was too short to cover the hole.I went bright red, because I hadnt planned for this this time so i wore Winnie the Pooh panties, so I was quite embarrassed. I went to the manager and told her in a very quiet voice what had happened and asked her if i could work behind the counter, and she laughed and said we were short some people and i had to stay as a waitress instead. After work I walked back through the town, with no coat or anything to cover the hole.
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<p>Wow again an amazing story and what great knickers to be wearing for a split to happen, tight black smart/work pants are my all time favourite to see split. If you were serving me in that cafe wearing your tight pants with Winnie The Pooh knickers showing through the split in them I would've left you a huge tip and definitely asked for your number.</p>