Nothing Eccentric

I am not crazy with road rage, but I will admit that at times I do get frustrated with other drivers, enough to swear or grunt at them to myself. I would never do anything crazy like stop the car to bash them or yell out the window to anyone or stick my finger up at them (maybe mentally but not physically). But seriously, with some drivers I begin to wonder sometimes which corn flakes packet they get their licenses from!!
PuzzlingPunkPrincess PuzzlingPunkPrincess
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2 Responses Jun 11, 2011

I vent my frustrations out there on the road so when I get out of my car I can just get on with my life and not be fuming about anything.

You're not KIDDING!! Today, I was stuck in a long line of cars trailing a lead vehicle going 47 mph in a 50 mph zone. That particular stretch of road was more than 20 miles long. ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!