Do I Ever!

Haha, this makes me laugh, because I admit it I DO! I can NOT stand ppl when they drive, I hate stupid drivers! You know the ones in the fast lane GOING the speed limit... HELLO, if I wanted to go the speed id be 2 lanes to my right... Im riding your *** for a reason take the hint! Or the ppl driving on the on ramp going 40, dude, speed the eff up you know its 75mph once we get on the highway DRIVE!! Or the ppl at four way stops, im waving my hand, dont flip me off if I go cuz you dont, I tried to be nice.... Also ppl that cut me off Ahhhh thats the worse, especially when constructions going & you have to merge! Its not my fault, YOU wanna be a jackass & speed up to try to get 2 cars ahead, im not letting you in! If you waited patiently I would have, but no dice now bud!! Older ppl bless ur hearts but you should not be allowed to drive! You are gonna cause me to get in an accident because you cant see the Sigh... Lastly I do shout at ppl in my car to, I know they cant hear me but I cant help it... Haha... Their ive said it its off my chest, im done... :)
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Wow.. I feel incredibly guilty now.. but in my defense.. I'm only in the fast lane because you never know when I will have the urge to turn left.. and I had no idea the speed limit was that slow.. I will slow down.. sorry.. and those ramps, I would speed up, but just never sure if I really want to be there, so having an internal debate. Sorry, but I do NOT multi-task. I am male. And I really don't want to get two cars ahead before the construction zone, but I am so curious as to why things are slowing down, i want to get up where I can see better.. and thank you for blessing the hearts of us old people, but they could make the lines in "large print" for us.. that would be a win-win. And at my age I probably couldn't hear you even if we were in the same car, so no worries.. shout away.. laughs..
I do the same things... but I would never admit it publicly. :)

That is so true!

I hate when there is a sign saying merge right but they keep going till the lane closes trying to get in at the last minute.

Lmfao...... I totally get what your saying, i feel if i was the one that wrote the story.... How about this one for you. Got off work late the other day so i stopped by taco bell, and there is always some ******* with a car full of people that is taking for ever to order on tje drive thru. Mother ******* obviously all of you in the car decided to go tjere dont wait till you get to the order screen to ask everyone in the ******* car what they want. Is taco bell menu does not change much!!!!!! Lol....

Haha so true! :)