I Have Rosacea....

I have been suffering from rosacea on and off for 5 years now... it goes to remission then recently i have had it flare up really bad... its gotten to the point of i cant sleep because of it... i don't even want to go out in public... i have 2 kids and its not fun when you have a 6 year old son and a 8 month old daughter and all i want to do is stay inside... It has now made my face swollen and itchy and dry and caused my nose to swollen and extra tissue on the tip of my nose... sometimes my face feels like my skin is gritty and it burns really bad like a rash... i have been to the dermatologist recently and they have me using a cleanser for my face called Free & Clear (liquid cleanser)...they also prescribed me a lotion called Metronidazol 0.75%... i recently stopped using it ... i had allergic reaction to it where it feels like my face is burning and really red... i am not sure if i should still use the cleanser? i stopped applying the medicated lotion cause of the allergic reaction i encountered to it... i would really love to be able to enjoy doing things with my children and family by having my life back again and not be sad... so if you could help me out i would really appreciate it.
christina2 christina2
May 23, 2012