Keeping On Keeping Going

Hi.  I contracted Ross River Virus in Feb this year (2010) and for the first two months could barely walk.  I seemed to spend a lot of time resting on the bed. I am 47 and have always led an athletic lifestyle.  I could not believe that perhaps it was all over and years of struggle lay ahead.
My husband and I along with our two children had made the move to Alice Springs in that first painful month and all my dreams of a life there seemed impossible.  For me, the best thing I did was get moving again.  I took to my bicycle which seemed to bypass a lot of my joint problems and then despite the pain and dizziness, I headed out into the dry river beds around here, walking kilometres in the sand each day.

I found that while I was active during the day, my joints loosened up. I was taking two Nurofen in the morning, and two of an evening, and with this and the activity, I was able to live a fairly normal life again.  I have also been doing a fair bit of stretching of late which I think has really helped.

It has now been almost six months and I have dared say this week "I think I have it beat, no pain for a week!"  (mind you I said that once before and wham, was mistaken). Maybe I would have gotten over the virus by now regardless of all my exercise, I don't know. But I do know that without it I would have spent a lot more time in pain hobbling about at home and not out and about enjoying and getting on with life irregardless.

We went to the Camel Cup races this last weekend and for the first time in ages was able to kneel down and sit, kneeling on the grass without any pain. How wonderful simple things can be!

All the best to you other sufferers.
leacwalker leacwalker
Jul 12, 2010