Massive Pain

My pain started in my left foot....but because I am accident prone I thought it was from a fall I had the week before!! The pain then started in my right foot & right the time I got to the doctors I could hardly made me cry just to put my shoes on & drive the car!!

I had tests for RRV which came back positive, that was 3 weeks foot pain goes away if I take steroids, I take a 400mg brufen 3 times a day....the steroids I can only take for 5 days at a time due to the side effects (facial hair etc...not good for a female)

This morning my feet are really sore again, it's horrible hobbling around...I have 4 kids & a new job & rest is really not an option....I do however go to bed at 6.30pm...I feel like a toddler!

Thats my story so far....just trying to keep going best I can!!

RRV is horrible & I feel your pain if you have it!
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1 Response Jun 9, 2012

That's sound horrible. When I got RRV I had just started a new job and had a 1 year old daughter. It's improved heaps since march 12 but I still have pain in my left ankle that just won't go. No medication works. I work in an office and I've gone from heels everyday to ballet flats. :-(