We Are Reserching Mms Miracle Mineral Supplement

We recommend this product to others. We have reserched MMS by Jim Humble and have spoken to people who have used this product. All we can say is you need to look into this seriously. We have purcahsed this product and we are about to start using it. It can be purchsed in Australia via internet and paid by paypal. The site to go to is www.mmsbuyaustralia.com.au This product kills off pathogens/viruses and is highly rated to cure malaria which is a mosquito bourne disease. We recommend that ross river sufferers check out this product and see for themselves. Don't be afraid, and don't be confused with the wording of this product. We will keep you posted of the success as we try it. If you want to get rid of this virus google this product and Jim Humble.

Elmos Elmos
56-60, M
3 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Is that really helpful?

Thankyou, I will definitely check it out

about 2 years ago I had an ailment where I could not lift my arm high<br />
I thought it might have been mosquitoe borne or possibly Lyme related...<br />
I looked all around and found MMS...<br />
I felt I'd give it a try...<br />
I tried the beginning protocol...and in a little while I was up to 17 drops a day...using vinegar instead of citric acid...1 drop MMS to 5 drops vinegar...<br />
wasn't long after I could lift my arm again...<br />
as far as I'm concerned, it helped me...I purchased more and keep it around for emergencies....<br />
best wishes...