Problems At Work

I've been at my new job since the middle of July. I've left my phone on my car, and driven away. I have forgotten to put gas caps back on mowers. I've lost head phones, baseball hat, a winter hat, work gloves. Today I forgot to close my car door. What's next??? I'm surprised I haven't been let go yet. I refuse to quit, so the only way I'm leaving is if they fire me. Atmy job before this, I locked my keys in my car twice. I'm sure I forgot to mention some things!!! lol.
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2 Responses Sep 20, 2012

Update: This has nothing to do with my memory, but my concentration. This will top them all. on Friday I was riding a mower, and it was getting towards the end of the work day. I was mowing by a river, and got to close, and ended up putting the back end in the river. I had to have someone pull me out with a truck. Unbelievable!! How embarassing!!

Side note: If you have trouble with memory loss, and are serious about getting your mental health back give lumosity a shot. It's a website that has helped me alot. I've been on it for about 2 weeks. I try to do it everyday, and think I've missed one. I have definitely noticed improvement. You have to continue doing it, and it's actually fun to see how much you improve everyday with the bpi on there. Just thought I'd share that if anyone was interested. Plus, it's free.

So???? You are still special and precious. No one is less human, we all have some disabilities.