A Family Holiday

When I was eight, and my brother was fourteen, we went with our parents on an absolutely fabulous family holiday with friends of my father's from Marseille around the Mediterranean, beginning eastbound, and visiting a number of places which opened my eyes to the world beyond France.

My father has told me of the places we called in at, in his friend Jean-Michel's yacht, coming to land at Livorno, Valletta, Piraeus, Larnaca, Port Said, Valletta (again), Cagliari, Melilla, and Gibraltar, and home to Marseille again. He also told me I spent the whole time on the yacht completely naked! I wondered where I got the habit of being naked indoors from.

It was a happy time for us, as a family. There wasn't a care except the changes in the sea and the weather. It was idyllic, and I was thrilled at the time, and I still am to have experienced this. Memories of it aren't as acute as I would hope. I just remember how happy we all were.
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Feb 10, 2013