Is It Sarcoidosis?

I have Sjogren's syndrome. For years I have suffered from achy joints and fatigue. Referred to a Rheumatologist who dx's me. Now dryness issues. I was on Plaquenil for over a yr but felt it wasn't doing any good.My fatigue and joint problems grew worse so I discontinued the Plaquenil last sunned (2012). I dropped my Rheumatologust because 11/11 I lost 24 lbs in a month and the Rheumy told me I was depressed and tried to give me meds. I refused them, saw my GP who sent me to a GI doc. After an EGD and colonoscopy he said it was malabsorbtion from severe constipation/IBS...Now my left cheek gland...parotid? is swollen, my fatigue is unbearable, my joints and muscles ache. I feel flu-like. The gland does NOT hurt at all. Yes, I googled..bad girl, I know...everything comes up Sarcoidosis. I am at my wits end waiting for my new Rheumatologist appt in 6 weeks. Injustice want to cry.
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I feel for you and hear you. At least you had a smart GI doc mine is a nightmare.

I'm sorry...also was "quickly" diagnosed with Orthostatic Hypotension by a new cardiologist. I feel faint often and my heart pounds with little exersion.

Stupid fat finger typos...:(